Electrical Stampings

Electrical Stampings Punching

We efficiently cater to lamination / stampings requirements of our clients just in time with the help of high speed press.

Decarburization Annealing Bluing

The Decarb Annealing with high quality furnaces for making best stators for all fhp electric motors

Aluminum Rotor Die Casting

We cast our rotors only with EC grade pure aluminium to make them to best performing rotors for all electric motors.

Bansal Stampings

Our group is one of the largest manufacturers of Stampings, Laminations, & pumps and offers a wide range of stampings for a variety of home applications use.  There are all types of stampings in ceiling fan, table fan and pump segment for which all automatic tools Have been developed in world class manufacturing units in and outside India.  Almost all types of Stampings and laminations are manufactured at the unit.  Specific designs are continuously developed for clients’ requirements.  A range of standard and tailor-made stampings is available for ceiling fans, table fans, motors, pumps, exhaust fans, alternators, and other rotating machines.

In our quest to reach out to the customers’ specific and individualistic requirements, the range now also includes Built-up stacks in the form of Riveted, Cleated, Welded, wound stator stacks, and aluminum die cast rotors.  From FHP Motors to large motors, the size range spans up to 1250 mm. In contrast to this, the unit also makes laminations for the small Transformers, Meters and Chokes.  The facility also turns over a host of sheet metal parts and components for a variety of applications.

The Company is also producing auto-stacked and auto-skewed rotors and stators up to 250 mm. The Company has also the capacity to die cast 50000 Rotors per day with our new imported machines and well-trained work force.

Our Process

Lamination Punching

We efficiently cater to lamination requirements of our clients with the help of high speed presses of 100 ton, 125 ton, 160 ton, 200 ton and 350 ton with the variable speed of 200-700 SPM for lamination punching that we have installed at our production unit

Decarb Annealing​

We have installed a Semi Continuous Decarb Annealing Furnace installed capacity of 750 M.T. per month for De-Carb Annealing and Bluing of Semi Processed Steel and thus converting the same into Electrical grade material suitable for Electrical Stampings.

Rotor & Covers Die Casting

From the very beginning out determination to provide customers with full support has been realized by establishing our own die-casting facility for rotors and back covers components. We have installed a full range of Die-casting machines to meet our orders.

Rotor Die Casting

These precise machines are well complemented by our high-tech furnaces which are very closely monitored to ensure high quality molten metal, which translates to both high conductivity and tight control of porosity.

Industries we work with

Ceiling Fan

Table Fan

Mixer (JMG)

Electric Motors

Exhaust Fan

Home Appliances

Our Products

Due to our quality products, transparent business dealings and reasonable price of the products, we are capable of keeping ourselves ahead of all our competitors in the market.