Decarb Annealing

We have installed a Semi Continuous Decarb Annealing Furnace installed capacity of 750 M.T. per month for De-Carb Annealing and Bluing of Semi Processed Steel and thus converting the same into Electrical grade material suitable for Electrical Stampings. Under this Process, the Stampings pass through different chambers, which are electrically heated having positive atmosphere to reduce the Carbon percentage and develop a uniform Grain Structure thereby reducing the Watt losses of the material.

Cold Rolled Semi Processed Lamination Steel is probably the most common material in use today. Ease of stamping and low tool wear help to contribute to the low cost of finished laminations. Carbon steel is considered for applications where relatively high core losses are acceptable (D.C. pole pieces, low duty cycles, etc.) and low first cost of the end unit is of primary importance. This material is always annealed after stamping to develop optimum properties and remove the punching stresses. This adds little to the cost when done in a continuous furnace, with controlled atmosphere and allows an oxide coat to be added to the surface to provide interlinear resistance. The heat treatment is somewhat critical and when properly annealed, modern grades of Lamination Steel have core losses equivalent to the lower grades of silicon steel.


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